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The main symptoms of bowel incontinence are:

- involuntary flatulence, i.e. loss of control over gas, which is unintentionally released.

- anal and rectal incontinence, i.e. the inability to control the muscles of the anal sphincter and the ano-rectal canal. The nerve endings located in these areas help the brain to control gas and stool. If the nerves or the muscles in these areas are damaged, bowel incontinence may occur.

- passive incontinence, i.e. the absence of the stimulus to defecate. People suffering from passive incontinence do not realize that their rectum is full. Due to such impaired sensitiveness, stool is expelled unwittingly.

-overflow incontinence due to colon blockage. This condition is caused by impacted stool in the colon, which in turn prevents other stool from passing. In this case stool can only be expelled in a liquid form, thus leading to a difficulty in controlling leakage of stool.


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