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Anorectal Diseases

Thanks to the commitment and the expertise of its pool of technicians, experts and specialists, THD Lab has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of medical and surgical devices for anorectal diseases over the years.
Anorectal diseases are all the diseases that affect the area between the anus, i.e. the opening of the rectum through which stool passes out of the human body, and the terminal portion of the large intestine, between the colon and the anus.

A wide range of diseases fall within this definition, and present different causes, symptoms, and severity levels.

Undoubtedly, haemorrhoidal disease is the most common disease that affects people aged over 50 in Western countries, but anal rhagades, bowel incontinence, anal abscesses, anal fistulae, anal condyloma, and rectal prolapse are also quite common.

The aim of THD Lab is to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of these diseases, based on the state of the art of knowledge in this field: each section describes both the symptoms and the causes of these diseases in detail, and provides a list of all possible treatments available to date.


All the texts have been prepared and edited by Dr. Salafia, an expert coloproctologist and our valued collaborator. This ensures maximum accuracy for both the scientific content and the language used.

THD Lab is willing to make its own stock of knowledge, as well as its own know-how, available to patients, so that their needs can be met, their questions answered and their doubts resolved.

Providing good information is the first step towards doing something good for patients' health.

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