What is the THD method

The THD method is the most effective answer to the problems associated with haemorrhoidal disease.

Haemorrhoid sufferers know the severe consequences of this disease very well: bleeding, prolapse of the rectal mucosa and the pain ensuing from a surgery performed with conventional methods.

The THD method addresses and solves these problems effectively: it reduces the arterial inflow to the piles and repairs the prolapse, if any, by performing haemorrhoidopexy, thus repositioning haemorrhoidal cushions.

The procedure is performed in an area where no nerve endings are found, thus eliminating the main problem associated with conventional surgical methods: PAIN.

Operations performed with the THD method are minimally invasive, since they do not imply any excision of tissue, and absolutely safe.

The THD method is a cutting-edge procedure for


haemorrhoid treatment, which revolutionizes the surgical approach to haemorrhoids: it ensures maximum effectiveness of results, while minimizing the levels of invasiveness, pain and stress for patients.

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