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Μαρτυρίες Ασθενών

The day after the surgery I went for a brief walk, and in the evening I had dinner at some friends', sitting comfortably for the first time.
Before the surgery I was so scared, because some acquaintances had told me about the severe pain and the great discomfort they had felt after a surgery performed with conventional methods.
With this procedure I felt no pain at all!
Giovanni da Siena

My life was sheer hell!
I had to reduce my social activities drastically, since I could no longer smile because of the severe pain, the great discomfort and the embarrassment I used to feel.
After this surgery I started my normal life again...
Valentino da Salsomaggiore

I was terrified to undergo a surgery, because many friends of mine had told me about their suffering. I overcame my fear, and now I'm satisfied.
After this surgery performed with the THD method I resumed my usual activities very quickly!
Carla da Trento


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