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Sterile anoscopes and proctoscopes

Sterile anoscopes and proctoscopes

Quality and innovation are the fundamental characteristics of the complete range of THD anoscopes and proctoscopes for surgical use. They are wholly designed and made in Italy to suit the specialist requirements and the patient needs. Steriie anoscopes and proctoscopes are available with various lengths and diameters (large, medium, pediatric) and can be easily identified by the practical handle color code. Depending on their specific use, the end tip configurations also change. On this basis they are subdivided into:
• truncated
• bevelled
• fenestrated

Packed into the handy gravity feed box, every anoscope and proctoscope is sealed and sterile These devices are the only ones in polycarbonate. The high quality of this material provides a very transparent, unbreakable, smooth edge product, with a tapered and ergonomic shape, which is light and atraumatic. Excellent visibility and lighting is assured thanks to the patented connection to THD SL and is adaptable to other light sources.

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