THD SL Accessories

880004 THD SL End Tip Ref.880004 Min. batch 1 pcs.

A metal end tip both for the SL fiber-optic cable and for any Storz-type connection. The End Tip can be sterilized in autoclave, steris, plasma or ETO.
THD Fiber - Optic Cable 08 Ref.880002 Min. batch 1 pcs.

A glass fiber, light-guided cable leads the light from SL Illuminator to the inner part of the devices of the surgical and diagnostic lines, through the SL End Tip, thus the lighting of the operative area is optimal. This fiber-optic cable can be sterilized in steamed autoclave, steris, plasma or ETO.
THD Penlight and Fitting Ref.800037 Min. batch 1 pcs.

A unique system composed of a lighting pen and its own fitting for a proper connection to the devices of the diagnostic line in the outpatient clinic (non sterile). Handy and user friendly without the need of a fiber-optic lighting system. The ultimate product for the outpatient examination or E.R.

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