800050 THDSpon Ref.800050 Min. batch 1 box with 20 pcs.

THDSpon is a compressed surgical hemostatic sponge, manufactured from sterile absorbable gelatine, to be used in anorectal surgical .procedures.

THDSpon absorbs approximately 40

• 50 times its weight of physiological liquids and adheres easily to the bleeding site.

The uniform porosity of THDSpon guarantees a favorable hemostasis. THDSpon is
• non-toxic
• non allergenic
•non-immunogenic • non-pyrogenic

and meets the biocompatibility requirements as per EN ISO 10993 standards.

Anorectal surgery - suitable to better facilitate post-operative hemostasis.

Packaging: One box containing 20 sponges, each in plastic case. Eight THDSpon are included in the THD BOX.

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